Welcome Friends,

First , "Thank you" for allowing me to provide free online family and child safety services to you over these last 12 years. It has grown past my R&D stages and now all fall under JMThrasher, sole person. Over the past 12 years, I used all of my Navy retirement and worked for free.  Now, its no longer enough.

Starting in 2016, I, as a small private business owner in South Carolina and / or Alabama; will offer or "sell" stuff you already use everyday.

Some of what I offer Free:  XiiOTM Abducted Child Recovery Network, Amber Alert SystemTM and others to Prevent Abuse to Woman and Children

 So my friend soon;  I will soon ask you for your support and your business.  If you can, please do. It matters.

Thank you in advance!  - J.M.Thrasher

"Together We Win"SM